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Boyfriend Reportedly Murdered Mother and Her 6-Year-Old Daughter, Who Hid

Sadly, a 26-year-old mother and her 6-year-old daughter have been found dead inside their Bronx apartment, according to PEOPLE. New York City officials say the reported killer has committed suicide. 34-year-old Caleb Duberry fatally stabbed both Gabrielle Muniz and her daughter, Rozara Estevez.  The gruesome discovery happened on Saturday amid a welfare check and the […]Read More

Roommate Comes Home To 3 People & 2 Dogs Dead

Sad news out of Florida, where police say someone returned to their residence and discovered multiple people and animals dead.  The police department in Port St. Lucie posted on Facebook a news bulletin about what happened on Sunday evening. They explained that a roommate came home and found the bodies, and then ran out of […]Read More

Man Intentionally Ran Over Jogger So He Could Have Sex

In a disturbing case coming out of Michigan, a man was charged with murder after police found out that it wasn’t an accident when he ran over an older woman… he did it because he wanted to have sex with her body, NY Post reports.  29-year-old Colby Martin, a truck driver, hit 64-year-old Melody Roher, […]Read More

Miami Woman Used A $15,000 PPP Loan To Have Romantic

A woman in Florida is accused of using a PPP loan to hire a hitman to kill the girl who stole her boyfriend, Daily Mail reports. The murder left a toddler injured and three people have been charged. Jasmine Martinez and La’Shonte Jones have been beefing over a guy for years. Martinez was arrested in […]Read More

Man Murders Stepdaughter By Pinning Her Down & Injecting Her

A Virginia man has been found guilty of killing his stepdaughter by injecting her with three times the lethal limit of heroin, Daily Mail reports. Back in 2015, Angelica ‘AJ’ Hadsell was home from college on spring break when she went missing. A month later, her body was found 40 miles away in a ditch. […]Read More

Man Charged With Murder After Fatally Shooting His Child’s Mother

25-year-old Brandon Isabelle is being charged with “two counts of first-degree murder one count of murder in the perpetration of aggravated kidnapping, especially aggravated kidnapping, and tampering with evidence,” after fatally shooting his child’s mother and throwing his 2-day-old child, Kennedy Hoyle, into a body of water, per CBS News.  He admitted to luring 27-year-old […]Read More

Homicide Rates In The United States Were At A 25-Year

Data shows that murder rates nationwide are higher now than they have been for the last 25 years. The New York Times reports that places like NYC, LA, and Chicago saw the trend happening. The murder rate in 2021 was about 6.9 murders per 100,000 people. It hasn’t been that high since the late 90s […]Read More

Mom Tracks Down Suspect Who Murdered Her Teen Son &

The mother of a murdered teen helped police track down his killer so they could arrest him, the Chicago Tribune reports. Leslie Bell’s 17-year-old son Isaiah Davis was killed in October, after being shot and then set on fire in an alleyway. His mother talked to people who saw him last, and they told her […]Read More