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Moneybagg Yo Responds To Fan Who Said His Show Was

It looks like fans are being fans and voicing their opinions per usual. A Moneybagg Yo fan recently came out and said a show they attended featuring the “Said Sum” rapper was “boring and dry AF.” The fan took it to TikTok to express their thoughts about the show. The fan wrote in a TikTok […]Read More

Ari Blasted for Skipping Hosting Gig, MoneyBagg Yo Allegedly Stopped

Ari Fletcher is finding herself on the business end of some bad business accusations after she allegedly skipped out on a scheduled hosting appearance per her boyfriend MoneyBagg Yo’s demands. Cincinnati club promoters are calling out the 25-year-old social media stunner, claiming she completely faded a paid gig to emcee a birthday celebration for boxer […]Read More

Moneybagg Yo Called Out for Withholding $30,000 Prize Money to

Winners of MoneyBagg Yo’s #ALLDATCHALLENGE are coming for the rapper, alleging they haven’t been paid a single dime of the $30,000 they were promised eight months ago. In a scolding Instagram post, the pair shares they filmed their challenge entry video in November, and were claimed the winners back in December, but have yet to […]Read More

MoneyBaggYo Makes Guest Appearance in Baby Mother’s Music Video

Moneybaggyo is supporting his baby mother getting to the bag as he should. His fellow rapper and baby mother 10K recently prompted her new music video that features a guest appearance from Moneybagg. He is said to have 8 kids with 5 baby mothers. He and 10k share a toddler together. Will you be checking […]Read More

Who’s Tricking On MoneyBaggYo’s Baby Mama Besides MoneyBaggYo?

While MoneyBaggYo is patching things up with Ari and toasting to his gold plaque for his song with Megan Thee Stallion it seems like his baby momma is in Vegas keeping herself highly occupied until Bag returns back home. We want to know, do ya’ll think she’s actually with someone or is Bagg doing some extra spending to keep […]Read More

The #ONSITEClique Pulled Receipts On MoneyBaggYo And His BM Whitney

So amid reports of MoneyBaggYo and Ari allegedly fighting in the street, the #ONSITEClique went to digging for receipts and found some! Apparently Bagg’s BM Whitney White (aka JuiccyBabyyy) was also in Miami for Super Bowl weekend. A few Instagram uploads while the two were in Miami show the former couple wearing matching Chanel sneakers and jewelry. […]Read More