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Michigan Man Arrested After Using An Uber To Commit Armed

Last week, a Southfield, Michigan man, named Jason Christmas, used an Uber to get to a Huntington Bank. While the ride share driver was waiting for him to finish inside, he was completely unaware that the 42-year-old was robbing the bank that he had been driven to. After the robbery had taken place, Christmas was […]Read More

Snapchat Predator Sentenced To Over A Decade In Prison After

21-year-old Nikolas Mariano, from Royal Oak, Michigan, has been sentenced to time in prison after using Snapchat to prey on teen girls and coerce them to engage in sexual acts in 2020. Described as a “serial abuser of underage girls” by the U.S. Department of Justice, Mariano posed as a minor on social media to […]Read More

14-Year-Old Runs Out Of Gas In Alleged Stolen Mustang Amid

An unidentified teen from Michigan was hospitalized after jumping off of a bridge in an attempt to get away from the cops. Reports say he led officials on a high-speed chase with a stolen mustang. The mustang then ran out of gas amid the chase, causing him to jump over a bridge on Wednesday evening, […]Read More

A Flesh-Eating Drug Meant For Animals Is Linked To Thousands

Xylazine, a flesh-eating animal tranquilizer found in 91% of Philadelphia’s heroin and fentanyl supplies, has now began to spread in other states, such as Delaware and Michigan. Commonly known as “tranq,” the drug is used by veterinarians as an anesthetic for large animals. According to New York Post, it has been linked to thousands of […]Read More

Man Wanted For Sexually Assaulting Girlfriend With Hot Hair Straightener

In Van Buren, Michigan, US Marshals located and arrested a man after what officials called a “very significant assault,” after an hours-long manhunt. According to Fox2Detroit, Dekenta Parchman was wanted by police after he drunkenly arrived to his girlfriend’s home, punched her in the face, smashed multiple ashtrays over her head, sexually assaulted her with […]Read More

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