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McDonald’s Employees Deliver Baby Girl After Mom Goes Into Labor

A shocking moment for three McDonald’s managers who helped deliver a baby girl at their Atlanta store the morning before Thanksgiving, WSBTV reports.  Sha’querria Kaigler, Keisha Blue-Murray, and Tunisia Woodward thought it was a normal work day until they heard a “piercing scream” coming from the bathroom. When they went to see what it was […]Read More

“I Would Have Killed Someone Sooner If I Knew I

16 year old Helen Miller, was stabbed in the neck repeatedly while her parents were asleep in February of 2021. Shortly after the attack, 14 year old Clair Miller made a call to 911. “I Michael Myers’s my sister,” she said about fatally stabbing her disabled, older sister with a kitchen knife, which was still […]Read More

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