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New York City Mayor Eric Adams Denied Brooklyn Bishop Lamor

It looks like New York City Mayor Eric Adams isn’t in agreement with Mr. ‘Gucci down to the socks’ Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead after denying his request for ‘special gun permits’ to protect ‘houses of worship’ in New York City, per FOX News.  At a press conference held by Adams on the expansion of the city’s […]Read More

Shocking Footage Shows Man Reportedly Smearing Poop On Woman’s Face

Shocking surveillance footage of a man allegedly smearing poop on a woman’s face has been making its rounds across several media platforms.  The video shows a man walking inside a Bronx train station, according to the New York Post. The unidentified man then wiped human feces on a 43-year-old woman’s face, who sat on a […]Read More

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