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Woman Tosses Scooter At Bar Door After Being Turned Away

A video of a woman attempting to vandalize a bar’s door by throwing a scooter and other objects at it because she wasn’t allowed inside has gone viral. The video posted by Fatbouncer has gained more than 500,000 views with over 3,000 comments from disturbed TikTok users.  The video captioned, “The sh-t we put up […]Read More

Angered Lyft Passenger Makes Remarks After Being Asked To Wear

A Lyft passenger started spewing offensive and racist words toward his driver when asked to put on a mask in Las Vegas. A recently uploaded YouTube video shows the hostile exchange that begins after a passenger tells his driver he doesn’t believe in the coronavirus, according to TMZ. Despite the driver explaining people in his […]Read More

Two Female Cops Refuse To Eat At Restaurant Because Employees

Two female police officers told an essential restaurant worker they didn’t feel comfortable eating at a restaurant because its employees were wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ masks. Both women are caught on camera asking the employee for her manager,who at the time, wasn’t available. They then asked for the manager’s phone number to complain about the […]Read More

Woman Takes Off Underwear And Wears It As A Mask

An unidentified woman was caught on camera at a post office using her underwear as a face-mask after she was told she wouldn’t be served because she wasn’t following Coronavirus safety guidelines. The incident took place in Kiev, Ukraine. Witnesses say the woman—a mother of two—became agitated when she was asked to put on a […]Read More

Man Arrested After Wiping Face On An Employee Who Told

Rex Howard Gomoll, 68, of Holly, Michigan, was arrested on assault charges for wiping his nose on an employee’s shirt after being instructed to wear a mask in order to shop inside the store.  Gomoll responded by saying, “Here, I’ll just use this as a mask.” Holly Police Chief Jerry Nash said Gomoll entered the […]Read More

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