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Beyond The Pole’s Lyric and Gigi Maguire Remembers The Time

Onsite caught up with the ladies from Beyond the Pole, Lyric and Gigi Maguire. The ladies discussed the newest season, and how excited they were to shine a light on the dancer’s lifestyle. When asked about the way different shows, and social media is highlighting a dancer’s lifestyle both women expressed gratitude.   There are now shows like P-Valley on Starz, a drama […]Read More

Onsite! Chats With Lyric and Gigi Maguire As They Discuss

Beyond The Pole is back for another run and season 2 added a few new ladies to the mix. Onsite caught up with Lyric and Gigi Maguire to discuss the new season amongst a bunch of other things.   Both ladies expressed their love for filming the show as well as their excitement for the premiere; however, they admitted it was a handful due to the pandemic. The ladies said that filming was “a […]Read More

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