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Lyft Driver Goes Viral After Kicking Passenger Out For Being

A Lyft driver, James W. Bode from Pennsylvania, has gone viral after refusing to service two passengers who displayed racist behavior. Bode shared a video of his encounter that occurred on Friday.  In the video, the woman enters the car expressing, “Wow, you’re like a white guy.” Bode went on to say, “Excuse me?” The […]Read More

Lyft Reports 4,000 Assaults (10 Of Them Deadly) During Rides

Lyft rides were part of 115 deaths and over 4,000 assaults from over a three-year period, The Verge reports. This data comes from the company’s first-ever safety report.  From 2017 to 2019, 10 people died in altercations and 105 died in car accidents that Lyft was a part of. The report also says more than […]Read More

Lyft Driver Arrested For Allegedly Falling Asleep At The Wheel

Rideshare is supposed to be the safe alternative to driving on one’s own. In an unfortunate turn of events, a Lyft driver caused a tragic accident because he fell asleep at the wheel and killed his passenger when they crashed. Andy Van Pham, 30, has been arrested in Tustin, California after authorities say he allegedly […]Read More

Uber and Lyft Accused of Racial Discrimination, Charging More for

Research from Akshat Pandey and Aylin Caliskan of George Washington University shows forms of “social bias” when Lyft and Uber riders are picked up or dropped off in certain neighborhoods, Complex reports. Researcher Caliskan told New Scientist, “Basically if you’re going to a neighborhood where there’s a large African-American population, you’re going to pay a […]Read More

Angered Lyft Passenger Makes Remarks After Being Asked To Wear

A Lyft passenger started spewing offensive and racist words toward his driver when asked to put on a mask in Las Vegas. A recently uploaded YouTube video shows the hostile exchange that begins after a passenger tells his driver he doesn’t believe in the coronavirus, according to TMZ. Despite the driver explaining people in his […]Read More

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