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London Cop Revealed As “One Of The Worst Ever Serial

David Carrick has worked as a police police officer with the London’s Metropolitan Police since the year 2000. After working worked in an elite armed unit, tasked with guarding embassies and parliament for over 20 years, the 48-year-old is now being regarded as one of the worst serial rapists in modern criminal history in the […]Read More

Zendaya and Tom Holland Reportedly Purchased A $4 Million Home

Reports have been circulating of Zendaya and Tom Holland purchasing a new home together. The home has reportedly cost the pair $4 million and is located in South West London, not too far from where the Spider-Man actor was born, according to the Mirror.  An unidentified source told the news outlet, “They are over the […]Read More

Teen Reportedly Murdered Two Sisters After Making Pact With Devil

19-year-old Danyal Hussein of southeast London reportedly murdered two sisters after he made a pact with the devil to sacrifice “six women every six months, ” according to The Daily Mirror.  The teenager made the pact with the belief that he’ll win the Mega Million Super Jackpot and he’ll “never be suspected of the crimes […]Read More

Essex Father Stabbed By Teenage Gang After Offering Leftovers To

A family in the UK is mourning the loss of a father of four who was stabbed to death after stepping out of his twin daughters’ birthday party to offer a homeless man leftovers, per Daily Mail. James Gibbons, 34, was fatally stabbed on an estate locally known as ‘Alcatraz’ in Laindon, Essex, at around […]Read More

Young Woman Charged For Leaving Her Daughter Home Alone For

It’s so unfortunate to hear tragedies when a child is involved, and this one comes from the UK. A now 19-year old mother admits to leaving her 20-month-old daughter alone in the home while she went out to party for her birthday. This resulted in the death of the child in her Brighton apartment. Mother […]Read More

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