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Lizzo Took Her Family To Therapy To Explain That She

Lizzo’s exuberance and free spirit are no surprise to her mother however, profanity was something she had to get used to. In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair Lizzo’s mother, Sharie Johnson-Jefferson, revealed that Lizzo took the family to therapy to explain that she will be using profanity in her music.  Her mother, who raised […]Read More

Twitter Reacts To Lizzo Saying She’s A “Body Icon” Like

The internet is begging to differ after Lizzo called herself a “body icon” during her interview for this month’s People magazine cover. People are not agreeing with her statement, and many point out her unhealthy weight is not iconic. Okay, we all know I’m fat. I know I’m fat. It doesn’t bother me. I like […]Read More

Lizzo Revealed That She Has A ‘Coochie’ Piercing, Says She

One thing about Lizzo is she is unapologetically herself. Recently, the “Good As Hell” singer revealed that she has a “coochie” piercing as well as expressed her excitement if she were to model for Playboy.  She was asked by TMZ if she would pose for Playboy. The 33-year-old singer expressed “Oh my God, tell Cardi […]Read More

Lizzo Has Twitter Panties In A Bunch After Fanning Over

Lizzo is the talk of social media after what seems like an eventful night after she attended the millennium tour and got to meet Chris Brown. An innocent fan girl moment over the R&B singer has sparked backlash and a debate we may have all heard before.  The Millennium Tour kicked off and back stage […]Read More

Lizzo Says As A “Big Black Woman” Her Fashion Is

It’s hard to deny Lizzo’s talent, the phenomenal singer can play the flute, twerk at the same time and give outta this world performances. Even though she’s been criticized about her weight, Lizzo has pretty much been the poster for body positivity.  The award winning artist participates in 73 questions with Vogue where she’s asked […]Read More

Lizzo Called for Cancellation Over Alleged Sexual Harassment of White

Lizzo is being called out on Twitter for what some are claiming is sexual harassment. One of Lizzo’s TikTok recently resurfaced, seeing her enjoy a chocolate popsicle while watching former One Direction member, Harry Styles, perform. While others enjoyed the innuendo, fans of Styles said the “Juice” singer was inappropriately sexualizing him. Fans of the […]Read More

Lizzo Buys Lunch For Hospital ER Staff Treating Covid-19 Patients

Lizzo be eating. And sis is making sure overworked healthcare professionals are eating too, honey. Showing her appreciation to men and women in the medical field fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, the “Good As Hell” harmonizer sent lunch to emergency room staffers at a number of hospitals, including The University of Washington Medical Center, reports […]Read More

Lizzo, Anderson Paak, Babyface And Others Ask Donald Trump For

Lizzo, Anderson Paak, Babyface, and others are seeking assistance from President Donald Trump. According to a report from Rolling Stone, several artists and executives have signed a letter from the Music Artists Coalition requesting financial relief for the music community.  The letter addressed to President Trump and Treasurer Secretary Steve Mnuchin asks for support for […]Read More

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