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Woman Sued Company That Makes Fireball Cinnamon For False Advertisement,

A woman is reportedly suing the company that makes Fireball Whisky for false advertisement. The woman says Sazerac’s packaging for the liquor brand is deceiving after she learned that Fireball Whisky mini bottles don’t include Whiskey, reports the New York Post.  The lawsuit was filed against Sazerac in Illinois by Anna Marquez after she learned […]Read More

Woman Who Caused Explosive Crash That Left $10M In Damages

A Canadian woman, who caused $10 million in damages after driving drunk and crashing into a home that resulted in a massive explosion is now suing the bar that administered her the drinks; She believes they should be the ones to blame, NY Post reported.  Daniella Leis was reportedly arrested and charged with four counts […]Read More

Catholic Hospital Faces Class-Action Lawsuit After Former Nurse Allegedly Recorded

St. Mary’s Medical Center, a Catholic hospital in Colorado, is facing a class-action lawsuit after it was revealed that a former nurse allegedly sexually abused unconscious patients, Insider reports.  The Grand Junction Police Department told the outlet that they arrested Christopher Lambros, 61, on October 25th on three felony counts of sexual assault. Lambros, who […]Read More

Man Awarded $65K After Doctor Surgically Removes Penis, ‘He Played

A French man was awarded nearly $65,000 after a surgery resulted in the “total removal of his penis,” NY Post reported.  According to the outlet, the unidentified victim was compensated for the amount of $64,754.86 after a doctor amputated his penis during surgery.  The man, also a father of three, was diagnosed with carcinoma, “cancer […]Read More

Antonio Brown Ordered To Pay $1.2 Million To Moving Truck

It looks like former NFL player, Antonio Brown, will have to cough up $1.2 million to Anton Tumanov, a moving truck driver he allegedly assaulted in 2020, TMZ Sports reports.  Tumanov filed a lawsuit against Brown last year for the alleged attack that took place in 2020. Brown allegedly assaulted Tumanov during a dispute they […]Read More

Florida Surgeon Asks Judge To Throw Out 50 Cent’s Penis

TMZ previously reported that 50 Cent was suing plastic surgeon Angela Kogan and her businesses, Perfection Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, for using a photo that was taken at the facility of her and the rapper for promotional purposes. Kogan reportedly alluded that 50 stopped by the office to undergo penis enhancement treatment. Now she […]Read More

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