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Black Man Sues Las Vegas Police After Being Mistaken For

A young man is going after Las Vegas Police with a civil suit after they mistook him for a white ex-felon nearly twice his age. Arrested him and held him in jail for days. 25-year-old Shane Lee Brown, is suing two police agencies in Nevada after they misidentified him for 51-year-old Shane Neal Brown. Shane […]Read More

Wasted Nicolas Cage Caught On Video Being Thrown Out Of

Actor Nicolas Cage whose starred in movies like; “Face Off”, “Ghost Rider, City of Angels and more, has allegedly been caught ‘completely drunk” according to eyewitnesses who caught glimpse of the actor on Monday.  The Oscar winning star was seen at Lawry’s Prime Rib in Las Vegas wasted to the point where he had to […]Read More

Man Tries To Scale Wing Of Grounded Airplane, Arrested After

Nothing should surprise us anymore at this point! And it looks like this guy was trying to get to his destination by any means. On Saturday this took place at Las Vegas McCarran airport on an Alaskan airlines flight to Portland where he prevented the plane from taking off. Video of course went viral on […]Read More

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