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Viral Video Shows Tenant Failed Attempt At Flirting With Her

A viral video of a woman attempting to flirt with her landlord but is hit with a rude awakening has been making its rounds throughout TikTok. The amusing video uploaded by Penny_mcnat has already garnered over 3 million views with more than 3,000 comments from entertained TikTok users. One user commented, “imagine he would of […]Read More

Landlord Arrested For Alleged Break-In, Caught Sniffing Tenant’s Underwear

A Connecticut landlord might’ve been listening to the “Thong Song” a tad bit too much, as he has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a tenant’s home and sniffing both her and her daughter’s underwear. Jorge Orellana-Arias, 38, was booked by police last Friday on a third-degree burglary charge, per NBC Connecticut. The tenant told police […]Read More

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