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Kevin Gates Reveals He Wanted To Commit Suicide, Says ‘I

It looks like rapper Kevin Gates recently had a transparent moment after admitting amid an interview with Big Facts podcast about a near-suicide experience. Gates started off by acknowledging that it was the first time he publicly spoke about his desire to commit suicide, back in December 2020 which he revealed to be the a tough time. […]Read More

Kevin Gates Says Men Not Finishing During Sex Improves Their

Kevin Gates has shared his interested views on having sex and about how men shouldn’t finish. He claims it’s all a part of a practice called “semen retention” that helps boost health. The rapper was speaking on the show ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ and brought up that he has been practicing not ejaculating. He […]Read More

Twitter Compares Kevin Gates Kicking Groper & Clip Of Female

Kevin Gates was trending on Twitter this weekend, after a video of an African singer kicking a fan for groping her was posted and people started making comparisons to the rapper’s similar incident in 2015. Clips online show Ugandan singer Vinka on stage at a performance in South Sudan, when a man in the crowd […]Read More

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