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Kash Doll’s Car Robbed While Shooting Music Video, $500k Lost

Reports claim that Kash Doll’s car was robbed. According to TMZ, “a burglar made off with $500k of her jewels.”  The “Ice Me Out” rapper was reportedly filming a music video in San Fernando Valley. Apparently, she left her doors unlocked which is how the thieves gained access to the vehicle.  Authorities tell TMZ, “the […]Read More

Kashdoll Drops A Diss Track Aimed At Nya Lee

Now it looks like it’s really OnSight for Nya Lee and Kashdoll after we told y’all that the two had fallen out. Last week, Nya released one of her “Wake Up Sis” sessions that called out her former friend Kashdoll. This week, Kashdoll responds by teasing a new track called “Wake Up Song”. In the […]Read More

Rappers Nya Lee and Kashdoll Are Beefing, It Just Might

So it looks like the friendship between rappers Nya Lee and Kashdoll is over after Nya unfollowed Kash and appeared to take a shot at her in her latest “Wake Up Sis” video. ? Despite having collaborated on their song “Been Had”, things appeared to go left after Kash skipped out on Nya’s birthday event and allegedly began taking […]Read More

Fans Are Wondering Why KashDoll and Pardi Unfollowed Cardi B

Ummmm so fans have noticed that KashDoll and her boyfriend Pardison Fontaine have both unfollowed Cardi B and she returned the gesture. Hip hop fans are wondering what led to the unfollows after KashDoll and Cardi hung out last November and Pardi worked with Cardi on some of her hit songs. Clique, what y’all think […]Read More

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