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Karen Urges Black Man In Restaurant To Put “Black Chicks

The Karens won’t rest, chile! A Black man was prepared to order himself a nice meal at a restaurant when a woman began ranting to him about Black women destroying the country, and how Black men need to handle them.  Nicholas Wilkerson secretly recorded the interaction between himself and the unidentified Karen at the Dead […]Read More

4 Black Soldiers Harassed By A Karen At A Virginia

A white woman harassed four Black soldiers at a Virginia IHOP restaurant near Fort Belvoir, according to one of the soldiers.  Soldier Joe Jeffers revealed in a Facebook video that the unidentified Karen initially offered to pay for the group’s meal on Monday afternoon. Jeffers says the woman left them $6 and proceeded to walk […]Read More

Another Karen Goes Ballistic On A Family Just Trying To

Karens are back at it again, ruining people’s day. Whether it’s at the pool or the beach, this Karen goes insane on this family. According to the lady that filmed this video, her family was just trying to enjoy their day, and they are unsure what set her off. As seen in the video, the […]Read More

Arizona ‘QAnon Karen’ Destroys Target Face Mask Display On ‘White

A crazed White woman dubbed “QAnon Karen” goes on a rampage tearing down masks in a Scottsdale Target store. “So Target, I’m not playing anymore f***ing games, this s**t’s f***ing over,” the woman is heard yelling. When questioned by employees, “Karen”—real name Melissa Lively— said they were only approaching her due to jealousy because she […]Read More

SoCal ‘Karen’ Charged with Battery, Judge Issues Warrant for Arrest

The SoCal “Karen” seen hurling racial epithets in a viral video has been charged with battery with a warrant issued for her arrest. Lena Hernandez, 56, was charged Friday by the Torrance City Attorney’s Office for misdemeanor battery related to an incident that occurred at the mall, according to TMZ. Hernandez is most known for […]Read More

Karen Calls Black Woman “Good Little Slave” For Wearing A

Here We Go Again! Karen in Florida made a racial remark towards an unidentified Black woman for wearing a mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Pasco County, Florida on Friday. She told the unidentified woman she was a “good little slave” for following protocol. Karen tried to justify her remarks by saying she was Mexican […]Read More

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