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Juiccy Baby’s Sister Throws Shade and Implies MoneyBaggYo Is Still

Looks like Juiccy Baby’s sister is coming to her defense amid Whitney White’s social media feud with Ari Fletcher. Juiccy’s sister took to Twitter to post a pretty shady tweet that implied Juiccy is still involved with her baby daddy MoneyBaggYo despite him publicly dating Ari. “Ni*a: Ion fuk with my baby mom. You bit*hes: […]Read More

Juiccy Baby Called Out for Allegedly Faking Instagram Ad

So apparently Moneybaggyo’s BM Juiccy Baby was called out for cappin on a Pretty Little Roses Instagram post. Allegedly she gave the impression that “someone” had purchased them for her and then deleted once she was called out on it stating that it was promotion she was unpaid for. The popular flower arrangement company posted […]Read More

Who’s Tricking On MoneyBaggYo’s Baby Mama Besides MoneyBaggYo?

While MoneyBaggYo is patching things up with Ari and toasting to his gold plaque for his song with Megan Thee Stallion it seems like his baby momma is in Vegas keeping herself highly occupied until Bag returns back home. We want to know, do ya’ll think she’s actually with someone or is Bagg doing some extra spending to keep […]Read More

The #ONSITEClique Pulled Receipts On MoneyBaggYo And His BM Whitney

So amid reports of MoneyBaggYo and Ari allegedly fighting in the street, the #ONSITEClique went to digging for receipts and found some! Apparently Bagg’s BM Whitney White (aka JuiccyBabyyy) was also in Miami for Super Bowl weekend. A few Instagram uploads while the two were in Miami show the former couple wearing matching Chanel sneakers and jewelry. […]Read More

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