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Tami Disgusted At Actions Of Tim Norman, Jennifer Williams Not

The news is out about murder charges brought upon Tim Norman of “Sweetie Pies.” Tami Roman is chiming in in the situation via her “Bonnet Chronicles.” Tami weighed in on his disgusted she was at Norman about the alleged incident. Noting Norman used to date former “Basketball Wives” Star Jennifer Williams, Tami said “she escaped […]Read More

Briteady Calls Out Jennifer Williams For Messing Around With Her

Well, I’ll be damned! It looks like “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams has been called out AGAIN for messing with someone’s Ex-Man this time by Briteady for being all buddy buddy then going and hooking up with her ex behind her back! In a since-deleted series of IG story posts, Briteady called out Jennifer for “fu*king on her ex” […]Read More

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