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Michael Jai White: I Know Three Bill Cosby Victims Who

Actor Michael Jai White let onto some knowledge of women whom Bill Cosby has assaulted… ones who have never come forward publicly. He confessed this during an interview with Vlad TV. The two discuss the documentary about Cosby, in which White has a small role when Vlad brings up the idea that some of the […]Read More

Parents Who Drove Into Creek, Leading To 3 Kids Drowning,

An Arizona couple who drove into a flooded creek for “fun”, resulting in the death of three children, have been spared jail time after their surviving kids begged the judge to spare them, Daily Mail reports. Daniel Rawlings and his wife Lacey took their four children and three nieces on a joyride through a creek […]Read More

BDSM Dominatrix Kills Ex As A Surprise For New Boyfriend,

A dominatrix who likes blood play lured her ex-boyfriend over to have BDSM sex but instead killed him to “surprise” her new beau, the Telegram & Gazette reports.  These are the claims made by the District Attorney during Julia Enright’s trial. The 24-year-old is accused of stabbing Brandon Chiklis to death in 2018, and then […]Read More

Akon Angers People By Calling The Sexual Assaults That R.

Akon is in hot water for how he feels about R. Kelly‘s sexual assaults, which he referred to as “mistakes” to a TMZ cameraman. The paparazzi asked Akon if he thought that R. Kelly was eligible for redemption. He explains that he believes everything happens for a reason because “God makes no mistakes.” There is […]Read More

Famous Dex Is Currently In Jail In LA, Sentenced To

Famous Dex is behind bars, serving time for his multiple arrests and charges over the last year, according to DJ Akademiks.  A police report shows that on September 1, Dex was taken into custody at the Los Angeles Police Department Valley Jail Section. He is sentenced to 364 days in the slammer, but his projected […]Read More

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