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ONSITE! GIRL CHAT: What Is The Best Way To Discipline

Parenthood isn’t easy, especially when you’re learning of your children’s personalities as they grow. While sometimes children’s behavior is too adorable, we can all agree that there has to be boundaries set to teach them right from wrong. The ladies of OnSite! sat down to discuss whether or not it’s okay to spank your children, […]Read More

OnSite! Questions What A Hiatus Is Amid Megan Thee Stallion’s

The music is coming this Friday, as Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion both have releases at midnight. You may remember Megan returned from her brief hiatus via Instagram on Sunday (June 6). OnSite! discussed exactly what can be defined as a hiatus. Milagro Gramz initially posed the question, “Was that a real break for […]Read More

Eliza Reign Says Future Tried Forcing A Settlement, Refused To

Eliza Reign filed an amended complaint on May 29 against Future claiming that he tried to force her into an out of court settlement while withholding child support payments for their baby. Upon request to support his daughter, Future’s attorney states that his client denied Eliza access to any funds but would settle out of […]Read More

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