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At Least 172 Dead And Around 700 People Injured After

In Indonesia’s Cianjur region in West Java, a 5.6-magnitude earthquake occurred, with a depth of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). Within hours of the initial quake taking place, 25 aftershocks were recorded, causing major landslides, as reported by NBC News. As of now, an estimated 700 people have been injured and 172 people have lost their […]Read More

Shocking Video Shows Water Park Slide Collapsing As Children Fall

Unfortunately, there have been many recent incidents of rides at amusement parks malfunctioning causing riders to become injured. In the most recent occurrence, a slide from an Indonesia water park has collapsed causing several riders to plummet several feet to the ground, according to the Mirror.  A video revealed the horrific encounter as the slide […]Read More

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