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Instagram and Facebook Disables Filters For Illinois and Texas Users

According to reports, people who reside in Illinois and Texas are now able to have extra privacy when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The news comes following a plethora of lawsuits filed throughout the years over the state’s privacy laws.  This means that Instagram and Facebook will disable their “augmented […]Read More

Man Fatally Shoots Ex-Girlfriend and Her Sister After She Attempts

Officials discovered the corpse of 30-year-old Jamie Joiner and 34-year-old Jessica Joiner, who’s Jamie’s sister. The women were shot by 32-year-old Adam Cobb “in the head and neck region,” while one of them was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, per PEOPLE. Jeff Connor, the Madison County Chief Deputy Sheriff detailed the 911 call, […]Read More

Mom Tracks Down Suspect Who Murdered Her Teen Son &

The mother of a murdered teen helped police track down his killer so they could arrest him, the Chicago Tribune reports. Leslie Bell’s 17-year-old son Isaiah Davis was killed in October, after being shot and then set on fire in an alleyway. His mother talked to people who saw him last, and they told her […]Read More

23-Year-Old Mother Fatally Shot By Stray Bullet While Reading Bible

Shocking reports reveal that a 23-year-old mother was fatally shot in her home by a stray bullet while she read the Bible to her 7-month-old daughter, per several news reports.  According to a GoFundMe administered by relatives, Melanie Yates, who was a registered nurse, died on Monday, the day after she was struck in the […]Read More

Mom Of Missing Grad Student Jelani Day Pleads For Cops

The family of Jelani Day, the Illinois State University grad student who has been missing for almost one month, is criticizing police for not doing enough, Newsy reports.  Day, 25, was last seen shopping in Bloomington, Illinois on the morning of August 24. His car, wallet, and lanyard, and the clothes he was last seen […]Read More

Two Brothers Arrested After Admitting To Burying Mother and Sister

The death of a mother and daughter is under investigation after two brothers of Illinois reportedly concealed their demises, according to Officials. People reported that the two men recently revealed they buried their sister and mother in the backyard of their home. Lyons police department visited a residence after a water department informed them of […]Read More

Illinois Barbershop Owner Fatally Shot Customer Over Unpaid Haircut

An Illinois barbershop owner is in custody after being accused of killing one of his customers who refused to pay for a haircut. The deadly incident happened last Thursday (May 27) at Studio 914 barbershop in Maywood, Illinois, per Chicago Sun-Times. 31-year-old Christian McDougald was arguing with barbershop employees and attempted to skip out on the […]Read More

Evanston, IL Will Begin To Distribute Reparations To Its’ Black

Evanston is the first city in the country to pass a legislation providing reparations for blacks and they are coming following through with action, as their eligible black residents will be able to see those funds this year!  The plan included payments up to $25,000 which would be for housing purposes. Those black residents and […]Read More

Man Kills And Dismembers Girlfriend, Travels On A Greyhound With

This man murdered his girlfriend, traveled cross-country on a Greyhound bus with her head and other body parts in his suitcase, and brought the remains to his mama’s crib in order to “still be with” his dead darling. Police are saying Melvin Martin Jr., 30, killed and dismembered his girlfriend in Louisville, KY, then hauled […]Read More