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Electric Vehicles Labelled A Potential ‘Fire Hazards’ After Some Caught

It looks like the aftermath of Hurricane Ian is affecting electric vehicles as some owners are experiencing their electric cars catching on fire after being drenched in water during the hurricane. According to the New York Post, Florida authorities mentioned that the fire can take hours to be put out.  After Hurricane Ian, officials witnessed […]Read More

Man Fell 15 Floors To His Death After Attempting Handstand

An Ohio man fell to his death after trying to perform a handstand during Hurricane Ian‘s category 4 storm, NY Post reports.  Markell Hope, 34, was staying in South Carolina at the Patricia Grand Hotel in Myrtle Beach at the time of the incident. Police say Hope fell from his hotel balcony at around 3:30 […]Read More

Reporter Explains Why She Put A Condon On Mic During

Kyla Galer, an NBC2 reporter from Florida has grasped the attention of her audience on Wednesday after she placed a condom over her microphone amid a hurricane broadcast. The broadcaster was doing a report on Hurricane Ian from a Fort Myers, Florida, parking lot when the audience became infatuated with the rubber on the microphone. […]Read More

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