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California Legalizes Human Composting Burials, An Organic Decomposition Of Human

Citizens of California now have the option to have their remains composted in the Golden State, NY Post reports.  Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that approves human compost burials or natural organic reduction (NOR), in the state of California starting, in 2027.  Assemblymember Cristina Garcia, who spearheaded legalizing NOR in California, believes human composting […]Read More

Search For Missing Native Artifacts Leads To Findings Of Bodies

At the University of North Dakota, English professor Crystal Alberts began searching for items once used in a display at the university’s library. A pipe, a headdress and moccasins that were once showcased had been removed in 1988, after students and staff members began questioning whether objects with cultural and religious significance to Native Americans […]Read More

Human Remains Found In Suitcases That Was Won At A

New Zealand officials confirmed that the human remains found in suitcases that were won at a storage facility auction were the bodies of two young children, USA Today reports.  Authorities were notified last week after a New Zealand family reported discovering human body parts stuffed in the suitcases they just bought from a storage auction. […]Read More

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