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Man hospitalized after shoving AA battery into his penis

A stunt featured on a Discovery+ series called “This Came Out Of Me” features an Iran man being hospitalized after forcing a AA battery down his penis.  The unidentified 49-year-old man checked into a Tehran hospital, and informed medical experts of his wild stunt. He notified them that the device has been in his penis […]Read More

Boy Has His Legs & Fingers Amputated After Chinese Food

A teenager had a severe reaction to food poisoning that left him with a long list of medical complications and lead to him losing his legs and fingers, NY Post reports. The 19-year-old ate his roommate’s leftover Chinese food that had been left out for a while. Not long after consuming it, the chicken lo […]Read More

COVID Deaths Jump 52% In Just One Day, John Hopkins

The number of people dying of COVID increased by over 50% this week, data shows. Johns Hopkins University published a study today showing that Friday’s reported deaths were 3,354 people, while only 2,204 people died the prior day. That’s a 52 percent rise in fatalities. The number of total cases increased about 10 percent, from […]Read More

La La Anthony Reveals That She Had Emergency Heart Surgery

La La Anthony is opening up about undergoing a secret emergency heart surgery in June. She had to have a catheter put in her heart after some issues, she told Self magazine. The 39-year-old soon-to-be ex-wife of Laker Carmelo Anthony explains that she has had problems with her heart racing the last few years and […]Read More

15-Year-Old Gets USB Cord Stuck Inside Penis While Trying To

How bizarre! A London teenager ended up needing emergency surgery after he got a USB cord stuck inside his penis while trying to measure its length, Urology Case Reports states. The medical journal outlined what happened when a 15-year-old used the cord as an unconventional measuring method. It got tangled in a knot inside him […]Read More

Viral Video Shows TikToker Receiving Treatment In Hospital Parking Lot

A 23-year-old is making her way around TikTok after posting a video of herself receiving treatment from a California hospital in their parking lot. The TikToker wrote on the video, “The hospital had no beds.” The video uploaded by Philosophia_art now has more than 3 million views with over 6,000 comments of concerned but surprisingly […]Read More

Heart Attack Victim Dies Because 43 ICUs Are Full With

An Alabama man died from heart problems after he was turned down by dozens of ICU wards due to them being full from too many COVID patients, the New York Post reports. Ray Martin DeMonia died on September 1 at a Mississippi hospital. His family says he had a heart attack, and the emergency room […]Read More

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