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Man Tests Positive For COVID-19, Monkeypox, And HIV All On

An Italian man is the first in the world to test positive for COVID-19, monkeypox, and HIV all in one day, NY Post reports.  The unidentified 36-year-old returned home from his trip to Spain feeling feverish and complained of a sore throat and headaches. Reports claim that the unidentified man had unprotected sex with other […]Read More

Murder Suspect Reportedly Killed 73-Year-Old Man After Learning He Had

According to court documents, Hawaiian officials accused Juan Tejedor Baron, 23, of murdering Gary Ruby, 73, after finding his corpse trapped in concrete inside of a bathtub. The 23-year-old’s arrest warrant says that he admitted to suffocating Ruby after the two had sex, according to PEOPLE.  He allegedly used a belt to carry out the […]Read More

Doctors Say A Second Man Is Cured of HIV

About a year ago, doctors revealed that a second man, known as the “London Patient.” was cured of HIV, and now Adam Castillejo is sharing his story with The New York Times. Castillejo, 40, found out in 2003 that he was HIV+. Thanks to the antiretroviral drugs, his numbers were undetectable. Then in 2011, he […]Read More

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