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Suspect Hit College Student’s Car and Flees But Left Behind

A video of a college student capturing the license plate of a driver who hit him and fled the scene has gone viral. The video uploaded by Calebmangruem has already gained over 7 million views with more than 3,000 comments from concerned TikTok users.  The video captioned, “that’s not how you do a hit and […]Read More

Drunk Ex-Porn Star Hits Pastor On Bicycle With Car, Putting

A drunk ex-porn star was arrested after she crashed her car into a pastor riding his bike home from church, leaving him in a coma. The incident happened in Miami Beach on March 25.  Katherine Colabella, who used to be known by her adult film name ‘Kitty Bella‘, was driving her Mercedes when she struck Rev. […]Read More

Twitter Reacts To Trey Songz Allegedly Injuring A Woman’s Hand

A woman is accusing Trey Songz of injuring her hand during a hit-and-run incident, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.  The singer and the woman reportedly got into a heated exchange while in their respective cars shortly after midnight on Thursday (May 6). The argument reportedly escalated, resulting in Trey allegedly bumping his car into hers […]Read More