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Four Students and High School Teacher Injured In Chemistry Classroom

A fire erupted amid a demonstration in a Virginia Chemistry High school classroom causing harm to four students and a teacher. Sadly, the victims suffered from burns. The fire spewed at 9:30 a.m. in the classroom on the second floor of Dinwiddie High School.  Luckily, someone pulled the firearm causing the building to be evacuated. […]Read More

White High School Student Whips Black Student With A Belt

A disturbing video of a white high school student appearing to toss cotton at a black student and whipping him with a belt, shortly after, has gone viral. The video was initially uploaded to TikTok and has already garnered over 3 million views. According to Houma Today, the incident took place at Vandebilt Catholic High […]Read More

High School Teacher Placed On Leave After Her Sex Tape

Reports say an unidentified Ohio teacher has been suspended after her sex tape was reportedly sent to 200 high school students via AirDrop, according to WYKC. The explicit video featured her and her boyfriend and was sent to her students on Feb. 7.  The high school’s principal filed a police report a week later, and […]Read More

High School Boys Give Teachers And Principal Lap Dances At

Photos from a high school dance gone wild are going viral because it shows the male students giving lapdances to the teachers and principal, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. At a Hazard High School homecoming event, there was a “man pageant” held. Boys dressed in lingerie and their underwear and straddled educators while giving them lap […]Read More

High School Teacher Intervenes After A Student Is Told He

Certain aspects of professionalism is rooted in both elitism and racism, and it affects our communities from the time that we begin our education. Unfortunately, a high school student almost had to miss the chance to walk at his graduation due to an elitist policy about appropriate footwear.  The student’s teacher, John Butler, stepped in […]Read More

High School Edits Several Girls’ Yearbook Photos To Cover Up

A Florida high school is in hot water for editing more clothing onto girls’ yearbook pictures to cover up their chests. Students and parents are angry and demanding an apology from Bartram Trail High School administrators for what they say is an act of sexism. Approximately 60 students’ photos were altered for the 2021 yearbook. […]Read More

Woman Arrested For Sneaking In High School, Posing As Student

Now we all know people now a days go to extreme lengths to build their following. From silly videos, to public stunts; yet, this woman may have taken it a little too far which led to legal consequences.  Audrey Nicole Francisquini, 28, was recently arrested, on “burglary and other charges,” for posing as a high […]Read More

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