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Two Former Fraternity Members Sentenced To 42 Days In Jail

Two ex-fraternity members will be serving six weeks of jail time after they were convicted of hazing-associated misdemeanors in the death of Stone Foltz, 20, a student who went to Bowling Green State University last year, reports the New York Post.  The former fraternity brothers, Troy Henrickson, 24, and 21-year-old Jacob Krinn were acquitted back […]Read More

Black HS Football Player Says He’s Fine After Being Stuffed

A black high school football player who has hazed by teammates and forced into a locker released a statement saying that he is “fine” and appreciates the “concern” but that the perpetrators apologized and he asks that the public “don’t harass, bully, or threaten them at all”. The incident happened in Moline, Illinois and was […]Read More

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