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Japanese Man Dressed As Joker Goes On Stabbing Rampage On

It’s Halloween, many people love to joke and gives haunts and scares but this one may have went overboard as a Japanese man dresses as the Joker started stabbing people on a train.  The video footage shows passengers on a subway in Tokyo running in fear after a 24-year-old man witnesses say started to stab […]Read More

Dr. Fauci Gives The All Clear For Holiday Gatherings Amongst

Last year during the holidays there was a hault on large gatherings during thanksgiving and Christmas due to Covid. Although Covid is still prevalent, disease expert Dr. Fauci is deeming it safe to enjoy the holidays with your family if you’re vaccinated. Halloween was cancelled for the kids last year along with thanksgiving and Christmas […]Read More

Twitter Reacts To The Karen Halloween Costume

Y’all know Twitter users won’t hold their breath when it comes to inserting their opinions on any topic. Recently, there’s been news of a Karen Halloween costume and some people believe the costume was offensive and unnecessary, as some Twitter users pointed out that companies are profiting off of the trauma of black people.  Karen […]Read More