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Woman Charged With Murder After Shooting Uber Driver Because She

A woman has been charged with murder after shooting her Uber driver last week because she thought he was attempting to kidnap her, PEOPLE reports.  Texas investigators revealed that 52-year-old Phoebe Copas wasn’t in danger adding that the 53-year-old driver, Daniel Piedra Garcia, wasn’t “veering from Copas’ destination.” According to El Paso officials, Copas is […]Read More

TikToker Arrested After Scamming GoFundMe Donors Out Of Thousands After

An Iowa woman is accused of faking her cancer diagnosis and swindling over $37,000 from concerned donors, NY Post reported.  Madison ‘Maddie’ Russo was arrested on Jan. 23 after authorities got wind of the 19-year-old’s TikTok campaign where she documented her journey with “Stage 2 pancreatic cancer, and acute lymphoblastic leukemia.” Russo talked about what […]Read More

Man Arrested After Reportedly Murdering His Wife and Shooting Her

A mother was allegedly killed by her husband. According to People, after he shot the woman, he went on to shoot her two children. Reports say her children were struck, luckily, they survived. Valerie Junius’ body was discovered in her apartment by officials. Authorities say the murder was motivated by a domestic dispute between Junius […]Read More

California Man Dies From COVID-19 One Day After Posting He

Thomas Macias, 51, died from Coronavirus after attending a barbecue the month before 70 miles away from Los Angeles. He expressed his regret on Facebook on June 20th, one day before he passed. Macias got tested on June 15th, received his results on June 18th, and died June 21st, according to the Riverside County Office […]Read More

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