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Airline Passenger With Nut Allergy Buy 48 Packs Of Peanuts

Leah Williams, a 27-year-old airline passenger with a severe nut allergy, took extreme measures to protect herself during a flight from Dusseldorf, Germany to London‘s Heathrow Airport, Insider reported.  Due to her vulnerability to anaphylactic shock, Williams had experienced a previous allergic reaction when a pack of peanuts was opened near her during a flight. […]Read More

Man Gets ‘Up To 90’ Covid-19 Shots To Sell Fake

An unidentified German man, 60, has reportedly taken the COVID-19 vaccine up to 90 times to sell falsified vaccination cards in Germany, per the Associated Press.  After months of taking the vaccine, officials finally caught on to his scheme, reports the German news agency dpa. The man is currently under investigation for “unauthorized issuance of […]Read More

German Man Reportedly Killed and Ate His Lover For ‘Sexual’

41-year-old Stefan R. of Germany allegedly murdered and ate the corpse of a man he met on a dating website in efforts to fulfill his cannibalistic sexual appetite. According to the Telegraph, prosecutors believe Stefan R. drew Stefan Torgisch into his apartment where he then went on to kill the 44-year-old man, cut his body […]Read More

Contractor Causes Thousands Of Dollars In Damages After Not Being

An unhappy building contractor demolished the balconies of a brand new apartment complex “out of frustration” that he didn’t get paid, according to reports.  Viral footage captured the destruction of a building in the German city of Blumberg by an excavation machine on Wednesday. According to local police (via Metro UK), the damages total a […]Read More

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