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Virginia Tech Football Player Allegedly Beat Man To Death For

Virginia Tech football player Isimemen Etute, who was arrested and charged with second-degree murder of Jerry Smith, told police that he beat the 40-year-old man to death for catfishing him on Tinder. According to Etute, he matched with a person named “Angie” on the app thinking it was a woman behind the screen. Per police […]Read More

Black HS Football Player Says He’s Fine After Being Stuffed

A black high school football player who has hazed by teammates and forced into a locker released a statement saying that he is “fine” and appreciates the “concern” but that the perpetrators apologized and he asks that the public “don’t harass, bully, or threaten them at all”. The incident happened in Moline, Illinois and was […]Read More

Cam Newton Says The Panthers Gave Up On Him

On Tuesday, The Carolina Panthers officially released Cam Netwon from the team, and yesterday in an Instagram video he said, “They gave up on me.” Newton had a great run with the Panthers. The Quarterback led them to the Super Bowl in 2011 and 2015, becoming the MVP in the latter game. He will leave […]Read More

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