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Boy Has His Legs & Fingers Amputated After Chinese Food

A teenager had a severe reaction to food poisoning that left him with a long list of medical complications and lead to him losing his legs and fingers, NY Post reports. The 19-year-old ate his roommate’s leftover Chinese food that had been left out for a while. Not long after consuming it, the chicken lo […]Read More

Subway Worker Walks On Food, Throws It On Floor &

A Subway worker filmed himself stepping on food and drinking beverages and then putting them back, as well as putting condiments all over the bathroom. He told DailyMail he did it so that he would go viral. The worker, who goes by Jumanne Way on YouTube, made 30 videos causing chaos in the Providence, Rhode […]Read More

UK Considering Legislation To Ban Boiling Live Crabs & Lobsters

The UK government is considering a ban on boiling live lobsters, crabs, and other crustaceans, according to The Hill.  The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have authorized a study to whether sea invertebrates, such as crabs, octopus and lobsters, should be considered sentient beings that are able to feel pain. The current […]Read More

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