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Shocking Footage Captures Man Tussling With Bear To Protect His

Shocking footage captured the moment a Florida man fought off a bear that entered his porch to protect his dogs and family, per the New York Post. In the video, Walter Hickox from Daytona Beach is seen tackling the bear and then placing a chair in front of the doorway to stop the creature from […]Read More

Sergeant Grabs Female Officer By The Throat After She Pulled

A long-time Florida police officer, Sgt. Christopher Pullease, 46, is under investigation after being captured on body camera footage attacking a fellow female officer when she pulled him away  from a suspect who was handcuffed. The 28-year-old unidentified officer was attacked outside of a convenience store on November 19, per WSVN. The encounter occurred after Pullease and […]Read More

Doorbell Footage Captured Two Bears Attempting To Open Front Door

A family from Florida captured the moment a mama bear and her cub attempted to enter their home. We can all see two bears at the front door as the encounter managed to be filmed through their doorbell camera.  The resident, Marlene Stark, admitted that she was at her Sanford home when she was alerted […]Read More

Florida Man Arrested After Shooting Neighbor On Christmas Eve Over

A Florida man has been arrested after allegedly shooting his neighbor on Christmas Eve amid a conflict over loud music, per CBS 12.  Reports say 31-year-old Zachary Moncada reportedly shot the victim in the back shortly before the victim’s family restrained him on the front lawn of their home in Boca Raton. Although the relatives […]Read More

NY Jeweler That Is Suing Floyd Mayweather For Almost $400K

The jeweler suing Floyd Mayweather for almost half a million dollars was finally able to serve him with court documents by having someone stake out his mansion and give their papers to his “girlfriend,” Radar reports. Eric & Co Trading wants $389,550 plus attorney fees from him, saying he let him take some items from […]Read More

Teachers Entered Wrong Apartment, Got Into Bed With Family, Then

Two teachers were arrested and fired from their jobs after they drunkenly entered the wrong apartment, crawled into bed with the family that lived there, and then shot the homeowner when a confrontation broke out, according to Daily Mail. Darius Tyonne Cohen and Akkua Jamel Hallback worked for the Indian River County School District in […]Read More

Three 11-Year-Olds Arrested For Plotting To Set Fire To A

Parents have to continue to keep an eye on their children and their mental health. Three 11-year-olds out of Florida were arrested for plotting to burn down their middle school.  Fort Myers Six Mile Charter Academy students, Omnia Mahgoub, Tristan Carrasquillo and Isabella Brainard were arrested Monday for planning to set the school on fire. Omnia […]Read More