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Teacher Fired After Fighting Student And Mocking Him Being A

A Kentucky high school teacher was fired after getting into a fight with a 16-year-old student who is a victim of gun violence, telling him he’s ‘just another black boy who got shot”. The incident, which was caught on tape, happened in August at Moore High School. Teacher William Bennett allegedly said something to Jamir […]Read More

Teachers Entered Wrong Apartment, Got Into Bed With Family, Then

Two teachers were arrested and fired from their jobs after they drunkenly entered the wrong apartment, crawled into bed with the family that lived there, and then shot the homeowner when a confrontation broke out, according to Daily Mail. Darius Tyonne Cohen and Akkua Jamel Hallback worked for the Indian River County School District in […]Read More

Neonatal ICU Nurse Fired For Posting Photos Mocking Baby With

A nurse at a Miami neonatal intensive care unit was fired after taking pictures of a baby with a congenital disability and posting them online, making fun of the child, WSVN reported. The woman, identified as Sierra Samuels, worked for Jackson Memorial Hospital until yesterday when she was terminated following an investigation into her conduct […]Read More

“You About To Lose Yo Job!” Karens and Kens Who’ve

On today’s edition of “You about to lose yo’ job!,” #ONSITE is providing a short list of the many “Karens” and “Kens,” who thought they could get away with racist antics in 2020, and not suffer any consequences. Many of these bigots were either fired, arrested, or forced to resign from their professional posts due to their […]Read More