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M.C. Shakie Puts Gossip Of The City On Blast For

So following our earlier story, our girl Millie got the full scoop on MC Shakie putting Gossip of the City on blast. ? According to Shakie, Fee has been stealing stories and charging people for her “exclusive tea” for years. He brings up the countless BBB claims against Fee for fraud and not paying back her many […]Read More

Popular Vlogger Calls Out Gossip Of The City Owner For

The popular Vlogger Rodney “M.C. Shakie” Roussell is calling out Gossip of The City owner Fee for apparently stealing his exclusive stories and reporting them as if they’re her own. ? MC Shakie took to Instagram Live to air out Fee for trying to pass off his exclusive story on Da Brat being married to Da Real BB Judy as […]Read More

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