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Couple Allegedly Kidnapped 18-Year-Old, Forced Her To Eat Cat Feces,

An Australian couple have been denied bail over an alleged kidnapping, during which they are accused of torturing their 18-year-old victim and forcing her to eat cat feces. According to NYPOST, Mataja Pagett, 18, from western Sydney, and Jayden Williamson, 21, from Wollongong, are facing charges of taking and detaining a victim with intent, assault […]Read More

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Dumping 50 Pounds Of Feces At

A Texas woman was arrested after dropping off 50 pounds of “human s—” to the Electra Police Department last week, NY Post reported.  Mindy Janette Stephens, 46, the wife of an assistant fire chief, was spotted in front of the station on East Cleveland Avenue with a hazmat suit on dumping the buckets of feces, […]Read More

Landlord Arrested After Smearing Feces On Renter’s Door

An off-duty corrections officer, who is also a Brooklyn landlord has been arrested after reportedly smearing poop on a renter’s door, according to News 12.  The incident occurred in a Brooklyn building. The renter involved noticed the unidentified landlord inside of her apartment. She then walked towards the bedroom and realized her landlord ran out.  […]Read More

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