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Man Murders Stepdaughter By Pinning Her Down & Injecting Her

A Virginia man has been found guilty of killing his stepdaughter by injecting her with three times the lethal limit of heroin, Daily Mail reports. Back in 2015, Angelica ‘AJ’ Hadsell was home from college on spring break when she went missing. A month later, her body was found 40 miles away in a ditch. […]Read More

Florida Man Arrested After Trying To Kidnap Mixed Child From

In a weird Florida fashion, a South Florida man was arrested for kidnapping a 5-year-old child with autism from the father.  According to Plantation police, the father of the 5-year-old told officers he was walking through the parking lot of a Dollar Tree with his son, who happened to be of mixed race when a […]Read More

4-Year-Old Born A Female Identifies As Male, Childs Father Says

This may be a case of the youngest transgender person ever. A child’s father Matthew Stubbings said their son, Stormy, 4, was declared a female at birth. However, “first began showing signs of identifying as male at just 18-months-old, ” per The Daily Mail.  According to the child’s father, at only the age of 2, […]Read More

Hero Father Of Three Shields His Kids From Blaze Of

This father is the true manifestation of the phrase: “protect your kids by any means necessary!” A dad of three went straight into papa bear mode when he heard gunshots ring out inside a car dealership in NYC. He covered his 3 kids with his body, and even took a bullet while ensuring their safety. […]Read More

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