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Facebook and Instagram Will Reportedly Lift Ban On Bare Breast,

Instagram and Facebook will reportedly allowed trans and non-binary users to go topless on the platforms if they like, but not users who were born female. Meta’s Oversight Board declared for the social media platforms to take the ban off of topless photos for users who identify as trans and non-binary, according to the New […]Read More

Meta Employees Fired For Taking Over Accounts And Selling Them

Within the last year, over a dozen Meta employees either faced disciplinary action or were terminated from their position for taking over Facebook and Instagram users’ accounts, usually for bribes. According to Rolling Stone, the announcement of these firings were made only a few weeks after the company revealed their plans to lay off 11,000 […]Read More

Father Of Four Committed Suicide On Facebook Live As Distraught

A father of four from the United Kingdom reportedly went on Facebook live and committed suicide by hanging himself. One of his friends called officials as the tragedy occurred. The incident transpired on April 30 at 34-year-old Paul David Hilton’s home in North West England, reports the Manchester Evening News.  A few of Hilton’s friends […]Read More

Man Charged After Selling Stolen Body Parts On Facebook, Reports

40-year-old Jeremy Pauley a self-proclaimed “human blood artist” based in Pennsylvania has been caught selling body parts, reports note some of those body parts belonged to children, reports the New York Post.  According to East Pennsboro Township police, they received an alert about questionable activity coming from Pauley’s home. Further investigation discovered that the 40-year-old […]Read More

Instagram and Facebook Disables Filters For Illinois and Texas Users

According to reports, people who reside in Illinois and Texas are now able to have extra privacy when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The news comes following a plethora of lawsuits filed throughout the years over the state’s privacy laws.  This means that Instagram and Facebook will disable their “augmented […]Read More

Skydiver Struggles To Untangle Parachute In Mid-Air After ‘Double Parachute

A skydiver has revealed the time he left a “double parachute malfunction” unharmed and in tip-top shape. The skydiver, Boo Dacious, recently uploaded the shocking footage to TikTok; however, the incident occurred back in November in Daland, Florida. The New York Post reports that the risk-taker initially uploaded the 2-minute clip to Facebook on Valentine’s […]Read More

Father Uploaded Selfie With Kids To Social Media An Hour

Shocking reports of a father ending his children’s lives in what officials say to be a murder-suicide right after he posted a family photo with them on Facebook has been circulating, per the New York Post.  41-year-old Humberto Christian Tovar Zapata posted a photo online of him and his two children, 12-year-old Baleria Tovar, and […]Read More

A Couple Gets Married Via Zoom Despite Never Meeting In

Imagine finding your person but never actually meeting them in person. This couple it didn’t matter because the two decided to get married either way.  Newlyweds Asye, 26 and Darrin 24 met online via Facebook in group that is meant to connect pen pals around the world. It turns out that Asye paired with Kenda […]Read More

Facebook Marketplace Meetups Have Been Tied To At Least 13

At least 13 people have been killed as a result of Facebook Marketplace meetups gone wrong since the pandemic began, The Mirror reports.  The publication took a look into the deaths that happened during transactions since the spring of last year. They include robberies while buying vehicles, appliances, and more.  Among the killings are a […]Read More

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