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6-Year-Old Chokes On Face Mask Cooked Into McDonald’s Chicken Nugget

Happy Meals are a kid’s favorite snack, especially those yummy McDonald’s chicken nuggets. But one little girl’s batch of nuggets came with a surprise—and it wasn’t a mini Barbie or Hot Wheels toy car. Mother Laura Arber discovered a surgical mask baked inside her daughter’s chicken nuggets after she saw the 6-year-old choking while eating […]Read More

Arizona ‘QAnon Karen’ Destroys Target Face Mask Display On ‘White

A crazed White woman dubbed “QAnon Karen” goes on a rampage tearing down masks in a Scottsdale Target store. “So Target, I’m not playing anymore f***ing games, this s**t’s f***ing over,” the woman is heard yelling. When questioned by employees, “Karen”—real name Melissa Lively— said they were only approaching her due to jealousy because she […]Read More