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LisaRaye Wants An “Entanglement” With Will Smith, He’s So Charming,

Ever since Jada Pinkett-Smith’s explosive “Red Table Talk” with herself over extramarital affair with August Alsina, “entanglement” has been the word of summer 2020. Well, actress LisaRaye is now revealing who she’d like to be romantically tied up to. LisaRaye named Will Smith as her ideal entanglement partner during her recent appearance on Garcelle Beauvais […]Read More

August Alsina Agrees Relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith was an “Entanglement”

“I Luv It” vocalist August Alsina fully agrees with Jada Pinkett-Smith categorizing their lusty love affair as an “entanglement.” On the heels of the world-rocking revelation concerning his extra-martial romance with Will Smith’s movie starring spouse, Alisna says, “I would agree (with Jada). If you look up the definition of ‘entanglement,’ it is a complex […]Read More

Boosie Gives His Take On Jada Pinkett And August Alsina

Celebs have been weighing in on the “entanglement” between August and Jada. It wouldn’t be right if Boosie didn’t give his two cents. Y’all know it’s comical In an interview with VladTV he was asked what he thought about it. The rapper said she was “zoom” by August in translation; she was feeling the Louisiana […]Read More