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Man Takes His Life After Police Incorrectly Label Him A

Sadly, a man has taken his life after repeatedly being mistaken for a pedophile. According to Insider Brian Temple, 34, was arrested for allegedly stealing sausage rolls from a British bakery in Teesside, England. However, police released documents that wrongly stated that Temple had been arrested for a child sex offense. The custody release papers […]Read More

High School Art Teacher Fired After Allowing Minors To Pose

A Northamptonshire high school art teacher, Emma Wright, 41, has been terminated after allowing female students to pose topless for an art assessment. The photoshoot occurred in a classroom at Huxlow Science College, a United Kingdom secondary school, back in 2017. Wright was working at the secondary school in England at the time of the […]Read More

TikTok Star Who Joked About Killing Somebody Is Arrested For

A TikTok star who joked about killing someone in one of her recent videos has been arrested for murder after she ran a car off the road and the occupants died, The Sun reports.  On Friday, Mahek Bukhari, her mother Ansreen, and friend Natasha Akhtar were driving in England and chasing a car that Mohammed […]Read More

38-Year-Old Virgin Gives Birth After Spending Over $21,000 On Fertility

A British woman is sharing her experience of having a child despite still being a virgin. The 38-year-old virgin, Kimberley Godsall, gave birth to her daughter back in 2019 after she spent over $21,000 on fertility treatments. Godsall isn’t the only mother who chose to have a child before having sex. Reports noted that four […]Read More

Prince William Being Labeled Racist For His Comments About Africa

Prince William is under fire lately after some of the comments he made at a climate conference are being labeled as “racist” and anti-African. Many people on Twitter are heated after hearing what he had to say. The royal spoke and handed out awards to climate conservationists from Africa at the Tusk Conservation Awards in […]Read More

Deputy Head Teacher Of An England Primary School Charged With

A deputy headteacher who works at St George’s Central Church of England Primary School has been charged over alleged rape of a child. Authorities say that the charges brought against the teacher did not relate to her position at the school but, were taken place outside of her employment.  44-year-old, Julie Morris, who has been […]Read More

UK Hospital Worker Arrested For Using Dead Woman’s Debit Card

A hospital employee in England admitted to stealing a dead patient’s debit card and using it to purchase snacks from a vending machine several times. Police say an 83-year-old woman died on January 24 at Birmingham’s Heartlands Hospital. Her time of death was written as 1:56 p.m., but her bank statements showed vending machine transactions […]Read More