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Woman Who Caused Explosive Crash That Left $10M In Damages

A Canadian woman, who caused $10 million in damages after driving drunk and crashing into a home that resulted in a massive explosion is now suing the bar that administered her the drinks; She believes they should be the ones to blame, NY Post reported.  Daniella Leis was reportedly arrested and charged with four counts […]Read More

2-Year-Old Girl Tragically Killed In Drunken Driving Car Crash

The devastating news of the death of a 2-year-old girl involved in a drunken-driving car crash has been revealed, according to FOX4. The incident occurred in Arlington, Texas as reports say the toddler was in a car with her family when their vehicle was struck by Tyler Hampton, 25, who face multiple charges.  According to […]Read More

Drunk Ex-Porn Star Hits Pastor On Bicycle With Car, Putting

A drunk ex-porn star was arrested after she crashed her car into a pastor riding his bike home from church, leaving him in a coma. The incident happened in Miami Beach on March 25.  Katherine Colabella, who used to be known by her adult film name ‘Kitty Bella‘, was driving her Mercedes when she struck Rev. […]Read More

New York Woman Rants About Hating Cops Hours Before Killing

A woman went on a rant about cops, calling them “roaches” and “annoying to look at”, hours before hitting and killing one with her car while drunk driving early Tuesday morning in Queens. Sources told The NY Post that Jessica Beauvais, 32, was almost twice the legal limit when she struck and killed NYPD officer […]Read More

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