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Donald Trump Owes Former Bodyguard $130 For McDonalds Order

Donald Trump’s ex bodyguard, Kevin McKay, said Trump owes him money. The former bodyguard covered Trump’s bill of $130 at a McDonald’s in Scotland.  The former President was reported to have ordered 20 cheese burgers and French fries along with 10-15 cokes.  Vlad TV reports that the transaction happened in 2008, “just before leaving Scotland, […]Read More

Donald Trump Will Start His Own Social Media Service, Aide

Social media has become a quieter place since Donald Trump and his Twitter fingers were removed. But, it looks as though he is about to make a return with his own social media platform that will speak to his band of followers.  Top aide for Trump, Jason Miller told Fox News “Media Buzz” that he […]Read More

Trump Adviser Claims “Evidence” Shows COVID-19 Leaked From Lab in

Trump’s Deputy National Adviser Matthew Pottinger, informed political leaders that China’s officials publicly acknowledged that the allegations they recently made in regards to coronavirus arising in Wuhan were incorrect. Pottinger stated, “There is a growing body of evidence that the lab is likely the most credible source of the virus.” The adviser explained that the […]Read More

Claudia Jordan Says Donald Trump Was, “Nice Because He Wanted

While some might say Donald Trump has a couple of screws loose, talk show host and former “Celebrity Apprentice” star Claudia Jordan says the outgoing president always put up a nice front when it came to her because he wanted to screw! On the “Political Junkeez” podcast, Claudia says she and the petty POTUS got […]Read More

Ebro Criticizes Black Men: “Too Many Black Men Want to

Ebro of Hot 97 is coming after Black men for allowing wealth and ideas of power to get the way of recognizing racism. During a recent episode of “Ebro in the Morning” Diddy is brought up and “welcomed onboard ” after he finally denounced Trump and ask people to vote. According to Ebro this decision […]Read More

Claudia Jordan Says Donald Trump, “Tried to Kiss Me” Despite

Another day, another cringy Trump scandal! Claudia Jordan reveals that the president tried to kiss her, despite his marriage to Melania. The “Cocktails and Queens” host tells the “Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef” podcast, prior to her appearance on “The Apprentice,” she would frequently receive flirty calls from Trump. “He would call me […]Read More

Arizona ‘QAnon Karen’ Destroys Target Face Mask Display On ‘White

A crazed White woman dubbed “QAnon Karen” goes on a rampage tearing down masks in a Scottsdale Target store. “So Target, I’m not playing anymore f***ing games, this s**t’s f***ing over,” the woman is heard yelling. When questioned by employees, “Karen”—real name Melissa Lively— said they were only approaching her due to jealousy because she […]Read More

Donald Trump on Kanye West Saying He’s “Done” With Him:

If Kanye West thought his azz was FourFiveSeconds from escaping Donald Trump’s grip, the “Runaway” rapper has another thing coming. Trump, responding to Yeezy’s recent denunciation of his agenda, said the Hip-Hop hitmaker and his wife Kim Kardashian will “always” going to be in his corner. “Well I like his voice being heard but he’s […]Read More

Kanye West Says He’s Done With Trump, is Running for

Kanye West is hoping to Make America Great Again—just without his one-time boo Donald Trump. Throwing a curve ball at us in the days since confirming his run for a presidential term in the White House, the 43-year-old “Father, Stretch My Hands” harmonizer claims he no longer supports Trump’s “mess,” and is officially, “taking the […]Read More

Trump Retweets Videos Of Black Men Attacking White People, Asks

After protesters tried to topple a statue outside of the White House, Trump took to Twitter asking protesters why they weren’t mad about the violence shown in videos of black men attacking white people. Trump wrote, “Looks what’s going on here. Where are the protesters?,” above a retweeted video of a black man repeatedly punching […]Read More