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Group Of Monkeys Kill Over 250 Dogs For Revenge In

In crazy news out of Asia, monkeys are murdering all the dogs in one Indian village… apparently as an act of revenge. News 18 reported that for weeks now, primates have terrorized the canines, all because a baby monkey was killed by one. Sources in Lavool, an area with a population of around 5,000, say […]Read More

Georgia Home Intruder Is Killed By Two Pitbulls Inside The

An alleged home intruder in Georgia was killed by two pit bulls inside the property he broke into, according to WAGA. The suspect was found dead on the front porch on September 24 by the homeowner in the morning. Police say that evidence shows he was inside the property at some point. He was identified […]Read More

Man In Custody After Reportedly Using Dogs To Lure Underage

A 25-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly targeting three young girls in an attempt to sexually assault them says the New York Police Department.  One girl, he managed to lead into a Brooklyn apartment building and inappropriately touch, the girl was merely 13-years-old. According to Pix11, the suspect approached the girl with his dog […]Read More

Golfer Arrested After He Shoots & Kills A Dog For

A man shot and killed a dog at a golf course in Puerto Rico over the weekend because it stole his ball, police say. Salil Zaveri was practicing his putt game at the swanky Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Resort in the north coastal town of Río Grande when a dog picked up the golf ball. […]Read More

Dogs Are Being Trained To Sniff Out Coronavirus

We have seen drug-sniffing dogs on television, but did you know they can also sniff out diseases? Right now they can smell ailments like cancer, malaria and Parkinson’s in humans, and scientists are hoping to add Coronavirus to that list. A group of scientists and public health innovators from the London School of Hygiene & […]Read More