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Snapchat Predator Sentenced To Over A Decade In Prison After

21-year-old Nikolas Mariano, from Royal Oak, Michigan, has been sentenced to time in prison after using Snapchat to prey on teen girls and coerce them to engage in sexual acts in 2020. Described as a “serial abuser of underage girls” by the U.S. Department of Justice, Mariano posed as a minor on social media to […]Read More

Officer Resigns After Being Investigated For Porn Videos She Posted

A rookie cop gave in her badge after her chief discovered she had been sharing pornographic content on her OnlyFans page, NY Post reports.  Janelle Zielinski resigned from the Detroit Police Department when she learned that there was a probe into her personal life. The officer/ bodybuilder posted “pornographic videos” to her OnlyFans which she […]Read More

Man Accused Of Murdering Girlfriend Just Days After He Was

A man who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend was reportedly released on bond for assaulting her just days before the alleged murder. According to Click On Detroit, 23-year-old Jonathan Welch was previously arrested for brutally attacking his girlfriend by strangling her with an extension cord, sexually assaulting her, torturing her with a hot […]Read More

Police Department Under Fire After Using Images Of Black Men

The Farmington Hill Police Department shooting gallery in Detroit is under fire after boy scout troops who came to the facility for a tour were met with an unpleasant discovery. According to Vice News, the kids noticed that officers were using images of black men as target practice at their gun range.  The images showed […]Read More

Man Made $2,000 Daily Selling Marijuana From A Vending Machine

A Detroit man informed investigators that he made $2,000 daily by selling marijuana from an at-home vending machine, according to Detroit Free Press.  He was recently arrested for having illegal weapons in his home and later revealed to federal agents how he made thousands of dollars per day when they showed up at his home […]Read More

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