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Mom Let Boyfriend Kill Son Because She Didn’t Want To

A mother allegedly let her boyfriend kill her 5-year-old son and then helped bury him “because she was too eager to be in a relationship,” her arrest warrant states. Nickolle Cristina Aguilar and Daniel Garcia were staying at a hotel in Texas on July 24 when Garcia threw her son Domenic Aguilar-Acevedo against a wall. […]Read More

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughters: We Didn’t Get Invited To

Two important people will be noticeably absent from Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wedding next week… his own daughters. They won’t be there because their dad didn’t invite them, they told TMZ. Bonnie and Cecily Chapman said they don’t know why they were excluded from the guest list, but Cecily said that she has a hunch […]Read More

Aunt Charged In The Deaths Of Two Kids Found Dead

Two children were discovered dead in a car during a traffic stop in Maryland this week, and now their aunt has been charged in connection with their deaths.  On Wednesday, officers in Essex pulled over a vehicle they had “suspicions” about, and during the stop they discovered the bodies of 7-year-old Joshlyn Johnson and 5-year-old […]Read More

Man Is Stoned To Death After He Shoots Four People

A gunman who shot four people at a Texas party, killing one, was stoned to death by angry bystanders as he tried to flee the scene. The chaos unfolded after 1 AM Monday in Fort Worth, after there was an altercation and a man left but returned with a gun. He then shot someone in […]Read More

Babysitter Who Shook Baby Charged With Murder When He Dies

A woman was charged with murder decades after she shook an infant she was babysitting, because he died 35 years later due to his injuries.  In 1984, the parents of five-month-old Benjamin Dowling came home to find him blue and barely breathing. Doctors determined he had Shaken Baby Syndrome, and 22-year-old Terry McKirchy served jail […]Read More