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Father In Canada Loses Custody Of His Three Children Because

It looks like Canada is taking COVID very seriously, with the courts there revoking custody from a father who refuses to get vaccinated, according to CBC.   This happened in New Brunswick, Canada. The unidentified man can no longer see his three kids, one of whom is immunocompromised, except for over Zoom. If he gets […]Read More

Many Women Are Reporting Serious Hair Loss As A Long

Many women are finding out about a frustrating long-term side effect of COVID: serious hair loss. CBS NY talked to a few who were affected.   Both Anita Levine and Sara Denig caught the virus in March of 2020. While their body has been clear of the virus for almost two years, they are still […]Read More

Two New York Nurses Accused Of Making $1.5 Million Selling

Two nurses from Long Island have just landed themselves in jail from forging Covid vaccine cards, selling them to the public and pocketing the cash.  49-year-old Julie DeVuono, the owner of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, and 44-year-old Marissa Urraro are accused of running this scheme out of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare from November […]Read More

Apple Will Require All Employees To Show Proof Of Having

Although the Supreme Court blocked vaccine mandates, some companies are still going along with requiring employees to be vaccinated. Apple being one of those big companies and they want their employees to not only be vaccinated but boosted as well.  With new variants being released like mixtapes, The Verge reports, Apple will require corporate and […]Read More

Woman On Flight Seen Texting Someone That She Currently Has

A picture going viral right now shows a woman on a plane texting someone that they have COVID, and it’s dividing the internet, the New York Post reports. Someone on a flight caught the supposedly infected person crafting the message and decided to snap a photo. They then posted it to the Reddit subthread /trashy. […]Read More

Woman Hits & Spits On 80-Year-Old Man Over Mask Dispute

A woman was arrested after assaulting an elderly man on a flight because he had his mask off while eating… even though she also had her mask down. The altercation was caught on video by ATL Uncensored, and the woman reportedly injured a flight attendant and several passengers in the melee. The FBI took Patricia […]Read More

Taylor Swift’s “Red” Album Party Turned Into A COVID Super

Although the world is two years post Covid, we’re seeing a spike in cases recently. Pop star Taylor Swift recently threw a party to celebrate her new album where those who attended tested positive.  600 Swifties attended her themed party for her “Red” album which was held in Australia at Sydney’s Metro Theatre back on […]Read More

COVID Deaths Jump 52% In Just One Day, John Hopkins

The number of people dying of COVID increased by over 50% this week, data shows. Johns Hopkins University published a study today showing that Friday’s reported deaths were 3,354 people, while only 2,204 people died the prior day. That’s a 52 percent rise in fatalities. The number of total cases increased about 10 percent, from […]Read More

Man Gets 10 COVID Vaccines In One Day Under Different

A man in New Zealand has been caught up in a COVID vaccine scam, getting up to 10 jabs in one day under other people’s names, local news source Stuff reported.  It is thought that the man got multiple vaccines using the identities of people who paid him, so that they can be considered vaccinated. […]Read More

Woman Wakes From 60 Day COVID Coma The Day She

A woman in a coma from COVID was scheduled to be taken off life support when she miraculously woke up just a few hours before they shut off the machines, CNN reported. Bettina Lerman, 69, and her son and his father all caught COVID while visiting to Maine to care for the latter, who has […]Read More

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