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Bus Driver Arrested After Paying Students $5 To Swab Cheeks

35-year-old Raina McManus, a bus driver, has recently been arrested after paying children $5 to “swab their checeks for COVID-19 tests.” Parents claim she was swabbing their children’s cheeks throughout their bus route, per WSOC.  The arrest report says McManus stabbed middle school students without their parent’s or the school’s permission.  “She gave me the […]Read More

Australian Prime Minister Says Kanye West Has To Be Fully

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister has made it clear that Kanye West can’t perform in the country unless he is fully vaccinated, per The Independent. The announcement was made after reports began to circulate of the rapper’s plans to tour throughout Australia in March 2022.  The Prime Minister advised, “The rules are you have to […]Read More

Man Says His Penis Shrank 1.5 Inches After Contracting COVID-19,

A man is outraged after he claims that contracting COVID-19 resulted in his penis shrinking. The man explained in a letter to the “How To Do It” podcast that his “penis has shrunk,” adding that 1.5 inches from his penis were reduced after contracting the virus.  He explained that he is a heterosexual man in […]Read More

Dollar Tree Employee Claims They Weren’t Allowed To Refuse Service

A Dollar Tree worker is sharing the time she was forced to serve a customer who tested positive for COVID-19. The video uploaded by jaielthomas has already collected over half a million views with more than 2,500 comments from concerned TikTok users. One user commented, “Yeah you’re absolutely allowed to refuse service. Your bosses said […]Read More

Woman Quartentines With Her Tinder Date After They Both Contract

An Australian woman’s video about how she and her Tinder date both got COVID and had to quarantine together is going viral. Sarah Henley, who goes by @poppymoore777 on TikTok, posted several short clips of their time couped up, captioning the video “so how’d you guys meet?”. While most probably think getting stuck on a first date […]Read More

Trump Booed After Admitting He Got Booster Shot, Months After

Trump got booed by a crowd for admitting he got his COVID booster vaccine, months after saying he probably would not. It happened Sunday while on stage with Bill O’Reilly in Dallas for their ‘History Tour’, Daily Mail reports.  The two were speaking about the shot, when O’Reilly mentioned they had both been vaccinated. He […]Read More

College Student Is Banned From Attending Virtual Classes After Failing

A Rutgers University student is outraged after he was banned from taking online classes because he isn’t vaccinated. 22-year-old Logan Hollar informed NJ.COM that he ignored the school’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate because he was taking all of his classes online. However, Hollar learned he was locked out of his college email when he went to pay his […]Read More

Candace Owens Was Denied COVID-19 Test At Private Lab In

It looks like Political commentator, Candace Owens, has been denied COVID-19 testing at a  private lab in Aspen. The owner of Aspen Laboratories, Suzanna Lee, noted that she denied Owens due to the author’s efforts in making the pandemic worse.  She emailed Owens on Tuesday’s and wrote, “We cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to […]Read More

Mother Says Judge Stripped Her Of Parental Rights Because She

A mother from Chicago has been banned from seeing her son after failing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. According to Fox 32 Chicago, before Rebecca Firlit was stripped of her parental rights, she and her child’s father went to court via zoom for a child support hearing that involved their son, who is merely 11 […]Read More