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Researchers Have Found The COVID-19 Virus In NYC Sewer Rodents

If rodents weren’t already a big issue in NYC, now researchers have found signs of COVID-19 in NYC’s “massive” rat population, NY Post reports.  According to the outlet, scientists at the University of Missouri and the USDA not only discovered the virus in the pests but found that they are also susceptible to the Alpha, […]Read More

Man Tests Positive For COVID-19, Monkeypox, And HIV All On

An Italian man is the first in the world to test positive for COVID-19, monkeypox, and HIV all in one day, NY Post reports.  The unidentified 36-year-old returned home from his trip to Spain feeling feverish and complained of a sore throat and headaches. Reports claim that the unidentified man had unprotected sex with other […]Read More

Man Infected With COVID-19 And Monkeypox At The Same Time,

Mitcho Thompson of California says he tested positive for Covid-19 and was infected with monkeypox at the same time, NBC Bay Area reports.  Thompson says he tested positive for Covid-19 and shortly afterward he started to see “red lesions on his back, legs, arms, and neck.” Dr. Dean Winslow, professor of medicine and infectious disease […]Read More

Mother Almost Burns Alive In Gas Explosion After Losing Sense

A mother from Maine suffered from second-degree burns after a gas leak caused an explosion that destroyed her home. According to the New York Post, Tamara McLean, 45, was quarantined in her home as she suffered from COVID-19 last October. She was in the basement placing a load of laundry into the dryer and as […]Read More

Bus Driver Arrested After Paying Students $5 To Swab Cheeks

35-year-old Raina McManus, a bus driver, has recently been arrested after paying children $5 to “swab their checeks for COVID-19 tests.” Parents claim she was swabbing their children’s cheeks throughout their bus route, per WSOC.  The arrest report says McManus stabbed middle school students without their parent’s or the school’s permission.  “She gave me the […]Read More

Australian Prime Minister Says Kanye West Has To Be Fully

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister has made it clear that Kanye West can’t perform in the country unless he is fully vaccinated, per The Independent. The announcement was made after reports began to circulate of the rapper’s plans to tour throughout Australia in March 2022.  The Prime Minister advised, “The rules are you have to […]Read More

Man Says His Penis Shrank 1.5 Inches After Contracting COVID-19,

A man is outraged after he claims that contracting COVID-19 resulted in his penis shrinking. The man explained in a letter to the “How To Do It” podcast that his “penis has shrunk,” adding that 1.5 inches from his penis were reduced after contracting the virus.  He explained that he is a heterosexual man in […]Read More

Dollar Tree Employee Claims They Weren’t Allowed To Refuse Service

A Dollar Tree worker is sharing the time she was forced to serve a customer who tested positive for COVID-19. The video uploaded by jaielthomas has already collected over half a million views with more than 2,500 comments from concerned TikTok users. One user commented, “Yeah you’re absolutely allowed to refuse service. Your bosses said […]Read More

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